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Kainumai means "to surpass, to excell" in ancient Greek.

What does Kainumai offer ?

For leaders who are in charge of their business transformation

and who want to ensure the coherence of their business strategy

Kainumai offers business architecture product and services 

which allow to model, document, assess and share the key elements of the business transformation

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A toolbox for your business strategy

The Kainumai software allows to model, document and share your (business) strategy and your desired business transformation. It is called "KTT": the Kainumai Transformation Tool.

A business transformation methodology

The Kainumai Business transformation methodology is based on business architecture best practices (BIZBOK, BTM², TOGAF,...) and is based on a set of easy to understand and use tools (pro/cons analysis, goals & objectives, prioritization, high level roadmaps...)

One of the highlights of the methodology is the "Kainumai Transformation Canvas", which provides an helicopter view of the desired business transformation.

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